How to Use Azure Storage Explorer to Upload Files

How to Use Azure Storage Explorer to Upload Files

Secure File Transfer Using Azure Storage Explorer

There may be a scenario where you need to transfer a file to us during your implementation or to assist with a support ticket. Due to the nature and content of these files, it is critical that both parties take every precaution to ensure these files remain safe, secure, and accessible only to the intended party. That's where using Azure Storage Containers comes in handy. We can supply you with a secure link, known as a blob storage container, to facilitate the upload and transfer of these files to and from our organization to yours. Here's how it works. 

Once you receive the link from our team, and have the file(s) you wish to transfer, all you'd need to do is:
  1. Install Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer:

  2. Once installed, open the Azure Storage Explorer program and click the connection button:

  3. Select "blob container"

  4. Then choose "shared access signature

  5. Next, paste in the URL from our team

  6. Now, upload the file(s) on the resulting page and let us know when complete.

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